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paypal fees ireland

Hi, we are a small charity based in Ireland, and use PayPal for receiving donations. It is a great facility and we recommend it to anyone who. There is no specific guideline regarding PayPal fees. Make sure you change the Country to Ireland, for both coming from and going to. PayPal is stealing from its customers with carefully hidden fees (with no but I am looking at Stripe here in Ireland and having read your article, I checked to see. Yes Peter, my feeling is that Paypal are making a margin on the currency conversion either directly or indirectly. This calculator is not endorsed, or supported by PayPal. Next time you are at the airport change some money at one of those little booths. I then decided that the best course of action was to seek help here, thus I started this thread. I feel that he is threatening me, almost blackmailing me - Unless I leave positive feedback on his profile, he will leave negative feedback on mine. This is really such a clear stealing from Paypal! So I stopped reading. Go to the PayPal site for your Country here: I had noticed that the exchange conversion was exaggerated but casino 888 tricks not taken the time to check it. This fits paypals business model and this is what paypal deserves.

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Many thanks for the advice. Choose I'm a retired expat I'm an overseas worker I own a business I'm a foreign property owner I'm an international student I want to make global money transfers. Thanks for exposing a big lie. And you continue to click the mouse after all, becoming part of the market, and you are choosing to bear the spread expenses. What Are You Really Worth? While we continuously improve our products and services to serve local markets, some features may not be available now. This is what happens in Switzerland — and I think it applies to you and others outside of the US too. paypal fees ireland Email address or mobile number. Thanks for exposing a big lie. Your advice on the norms greatly appreciated. If you do not have enough funds in your Paypal account in your local currency, Paypal will convert. Actually, before reading that email I want to point out that after sending this email to PayPal, I got a response back within 24 hours saying that my accounts currency is USD and will not anymore be converted when withdrawing money! Withdraw money to your bank FREE?????? Peter, Here is an extract of an email with Paypal support: Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact Us. From that point, I started withdrawing my Paypal funds directly into my US account, then making the transfer to my account in Canada—still in US dollars. Thanks for this, Peter, and I am so saddened that things are coming to this world-wide. They will set you right. I saw the paypal option and thought, oh.

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